Monday, March 26, 2012

Easter Crafts

Celsey found these cute crafts so we got together with her family and got to work. Her mom cut all the wood in her very own wood shop (mega jealous). We used the cricut for the lettering and mod podged it all together. So very cute!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

days 16-25...more accessories

i wish my #monthofhairaccessories was a cute as blogger Reagan. i'm losing steam with this hair challenge and can't wait for the month to end.

silk flower shoved in the side of a side chelsea do
air dry with vintage paper clip. these things are so cute.
failed at taking pictures 2 of the days. wore bows with regular pony.
half back with silk flower
curly with hat
curled with blue headband
curly with rolled fabric flower
straight with blue headband again
curly high pony with black elastic headband and tiny felt bow

Friday, March 16, 2012

days 11-15


This week has been super warm. Even though this hair challenge is kind of kicking me in the rear, the warm weather kind of makes up for everything else. I've also been wearing green all week since tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day. Apparently I have enough green clothes to last a month. I have a ton more things I haven't even worn.

casey s braid with felt bow

my current fave...high bun with felt flower
fish tail with a little bit of regular braid in the middle with felt bow
remember topsy tails from back in the day??? it's so hard to see, but i did a topsy tail then a bun at the bottom with a silk flower
another high bun with silk twisty flower

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

nettie's bridal shower

i finally got the pictures from roommate nettie's bridal shower. by the time you're 31 and single, you know a heckuva lot of people. good thing michelle has the perfect house for a big party. i didn't get very good pictures of well any of it, but we had cute decor, yummy food (yogurt bar and crepes), and lots of friends. it was so much fun to see all our old friends and celebrate nettie's upcoming wedding.

 pendant banner and a few of our turnberry friends/old roommate
 opening gifts
 sugarhouse friends and a little peak of the decorations
old rommates

shower with lots of friends are my favorite kinds. such a fun day.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

pendant banner

i made this pendant banner months ago for a going away party and never used and never took a picture. i was in a mega rush when i put it together so i didn't take pictures along the way. it was pretty simple to put together but a little time consuming. due to the set up of the party, we couldn't even use it. i was a little bitter for a while, but i was so excited when it matched the color scheme for nettie's bridal shower. i made it to say congrats or good luck by changing out the letters.

you might think this picture is about the people, but it's actually about the banner above their heads

here's the gist of how i did it

cut triangles out of coordinating fabric
sew a gathering stitch along the top edge of the triangles
gather each triangle separately
pin triangles together 
sew a straight line attaching each triangle to the next
velcro letters to center so they can be changed out for different occasions
hang with tacks

Sunday, March 11, 2012

days 6-10

i never posted on this blog about #monthofhairaccessories. one of my favorite bloggers, reagan over at is doing a challenge in the month of march. read all about it here. after doing different hairstyles every workday last month. i was ready for a new hair challenge. i have so many accessories that hardly ever get worn. so far reagan is doing way more awesome styles with great accessories. it's been fun and sometimes a little annoying trying to put all my stuff to get use. friday was roommate nettie's wedding. instead of a hair accessory i went with pink lipstick instead. i rarely wear lipstick and i NEVER wear pink. i  think i kind of like it.

this week i wore

red beadband

small gray felt bow

itty bittiest bow you've ever seen

cream polyester flower

pink lipstick

the high bun and messy bun with a flower/bow are getting a little old and boring. i might have to get a little more creative this week.

Not Tonight Pillow

I saw something similar to this pillow online somewhere and unfortunately couldn't find it again. I wish I could credit the place I got the idea, but I seriously can't find it. As soon as Nettie got engaged, I HAD to make it. I think it's so funny.

I took crappy phone pictures of the process. Side not...I just realized my phone pictures are so crappy because my camera lens has a few cracks in it. It might be time for a new phone soon. Until then, here is the crappy picture step by step of the Not Tonight Pillow.

trace stencil (printed from word with a font i liked) onto freezer paper (i got mine from a co-worker but apparently it can be found by the wax paper at the grocery store) shiny side down.
cut out stenciled letters with an exacto knife
iron on stencil to the fabric. make sure it's a good seal so paint doesn't seap through.

paint. a few tutorials used different types of paint and mixed paint types. i used regular acrylic craft paint, and it worked fine. i did 3-4 coats to make sure it was dark/heavy enough to show up

after the paint dries, peel off the stencil.
cover with light material and iron over the words to seal
now it's time to sew. i'm not even going to pretend to know the best way to sew a pillow. these were my first pillows ever, and i'm sure i could use a few tips myself.
finished product

i made 2 pillows because i couldn't decide which one i liked better. the writing doesn't show up quite as well on this one, but i still love it.
co-worker michelle made one out of burlap this week, and it turned out so very cute.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

another gender reveal...waddle it be???

in the words of co-worker jessica's facebook status a few weeks ago... After 13 years of marriage, 200% infertility and three adopted children, I am 14 weeks pregnant! Shock of a lifetime, my friends--shock of a lifetime.

the excitement of this event definitely warranted a gender reveal cake for the co-workers. celsey and i decided the "waddle it be" theme was way too cute and fun not to use again.

transporting the cake took a little creativity


it's a GIRL! so fun to finally make a pink cake.
co-worker jessica

Monday, March 5, 2012

first 5 days

i'm 5 days in with the #monthofhairaccessories. looks like it's a good thing i made all these felt bows. maybe i'll expand my accessories this next 5 days.

regular pony with little felt bow

bigger felt bow on headband

black with little white polka dots bow

i ran out of the house with completely wet hair and was gone i finally threw my hair up in a big knot and put in my Z bobby pin.

messy bun with felt flower.

Friday, March 2, 2012

welcome banner

co-worker becca is having a baby any day now. former co-worker nicole is coming to cover her maternity leave. becca decided last second she wanted to do something to her desk to make nicole feel welcome. being the crafty one means people look for me when they want a craft especially a last second craft. we literally had 30 minutes to pull something together. luckily we have a die cut machine with the perfect shapes for a neon welcome banner. we pulled together a few office supplies and voila...we have a welcome nicole banner.