Sunday, September 30, 2012

clutch revised

i just realized i never posted this and apparently i never blogged when I made this originally with bonny. these clutches turned out a wee bit bigger than i originally thought. i'll probably use it for a baby gift instead. i decided to add a little embellishment. i made a few fabric flowers and stuck 2 rhinestones in the middle. everything's better with a little bling.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

bandana apron

i saw this online a while ago and immediately pinned it. the tutorial is no sew, but i worried it would fall apart easily. so, i did a little sewing. i'm loving these. if you have a special occasion coming up, you just might be getting one of these.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

wall art

chelsea usually puts the kids' names on the wall in the nursery. she kind of wanted something a little different for kyler's room but needed something big enough to cover the holes from karson's name. usually i would look around pinterest or blogs or something, but this time i used my very own creative brain. we're from the south so we like monograms. we put kyler's initials on fabric. here's what we did.

1. one giant canvas can get pricey so i bought 3 small canvases at big lots (side canvas at big's cheap). jeff attached them together with a staple gun.

2. cover canvas with fabric and staple to the back of canvas with staple gun

3. paint letters with craft paint

4. hot glue letters to canvas

this project was less than $20 cheap, and it turned out really cute. it didn't make it to the wall before i left town, but i'll try to get a picture of it hanging on the wall.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


earlier this summer i had homemade pickles at celsey's parents' house. they were best i have ever tasted delish. i have been dying to make them ever since. last weekend, we went over and bottled cucumbers to turn them into pickles. we had a little mishap when we forgot the water in the mix. we had to start over with the liquid which made for a lot of laughs and a little pain in the rear. i can't wait for 6 months for those things to be done. yum!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

jewelry holder

chelsea wanted to make something to hold ALL of karlee's necklaces. she is really getting into jewelry these days which i totally love.

my roommate jess had something similar to hang necklaces, and i have wanted to make one ever since. since i already have a giant jewelry, i've never made one. i was really excited to make it for karlee (but mostly chelsea and jeff did the whole thing)

block of wood (sometimes you can get lucky and find scrap wood)
paint (we used a cotton candy pink) and paintbrush
tools (drill, wrench, tape measure, pencil)
drawer pulls

paint block of wood. you'll probably need 2 coats. sand edges if you want to distress. (we meant to do that but kind of forgot)

measure where you want the holes and drill holes. grab edges with wrench and slowly twist into block of wood

hang on the wall 

voila. so cute for a little girl's room. would also be so cute for a grown up room.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

freezer paper stencil apron

celsey's husband shawn had a birthday a couple weeks ago. because he has such an awesome wife, he got a present every hour of his birthday. we got together one day when he was gone hunting to craft an apron for grilling.

it was fairly easy and pretty quick. grab some freezer paper, pencil, print out of what you want to stencil, exacto knife, and paint and paintbrush.

1. iron whatever you are going to stencil on

2. print out a stencil, put under freezer paper and trace

3. cut out stencil with exacto. be very careful in your cutting

4. iron stencil onto fabric. make sure to iron really well. any spots not ironed well will cause paint to bleed.

5. paint over stencil. may require a couple of coats of paint. make sure to let thoroughly dry in between.

6. remove freezer paper and voila

Saturday, September 8, 2012

another cake

no matter how crazy busy i am and how little time i have available to make a cake, i just can't resist a gender reveal...especially when no one (not even the pregnant parents) knows the gender. i got to make the ducky cake again for a gender reveal party on monday. sadly, celsey wasn't available to help which scared me a lot, but it actually turned out great. i just love this little ducky.

it's a boy! 
(basically if you have me do a gender reveal, it will be a boy. i'm buying mass supplies of blue food coloring immediately)

thanks jana for letting me make the cake and thanks alison and brian for being surprised. also thanks for letting me take this picture straight from fb:)

Sunday, September 2, 2012

color matching with paint chips

most people have probably seen this pin floating around pinterest.


i have seen it a few times and wanted to make it but never did. i finally got all the stuff (paint chips from home depot and clothes pins from the craft store) last weekend but ran out of time to actually make it. i wanted to take some down to vegas with me so instead of packing at 10:30 the night before a 6:00am flight, i was crafting. it's a way easy craft project. i kind of followed this tutorial except i used a glue gun because that's basically all i ever use.