Sunday, January 16, 2011


I started making fabric flowers/headbands and wearing them basically every day. People keep telling me I should sell them so here you go...

I'm no good at selling things. For this first round I am going to let peeps help me set prices. Do you want to buy this? How much would you pay? Leave me a comment/email (, get me the money, and it's yours. I'm not ready for etsy or paypal yet so we can arrange the details as we go. Custom orders are also available.

maroon, brown, cream felt flowers on a gold headband
purple felt flower on white elastic headband
cream, teal, green polyester (silk) flowers on silver elastic headband
new style of black, white, silver polyester (silk) flowers on black elastic headband
purple, tiny cream, tan, navy polyester (silk) flowers ready to put on a headband, shirt, scarf, etc. can be purchased all together or separately. sorry for this crappy picture. photography is not my craft.

GIVEAWAY... As a bonus for reading my blog, the first person to become a follower or add me to your google reader or whatever and leave a comment (or just leave a comment if you're already a follower) about it, gets a free headband. Yay for FREE!

Friday, January 14, 2011

project...not craft

I accidently broke the already cracked handle on the bathroom sink the other night. A trip to Home Depot, a few tools, and $13 later the sink is fixed. Not the ideal project but definitely a project.
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